Friday, October 20, 2006

Pulsera/ Brasalete: Plata y esmlate en frio. Silver and cold enamel

Anillo/ Ring: Plata y esmalte a fuergo/ Silver and fired enamel.


annadee said...

Hi Magali,
Your work is beautiful. I don't know how I found you but I'm glad I did.
cheers, Anna

Iñigo said...

this bracelet is simple stunning
very nice indeed

Magalí Anidjar said...

Thank you VERY much for your words Annadee, and for putting me in your blog, I am very flattered!

and Iñigo, Gracias..ya sabes, Gracias!

Maarten said...

Just wanted to tell you I found you through Anna Dee's weblog. Great jewellery you have!! I too have added you to my blog. If you'd like to get more info on jewellery design, please come and visit me!

alma said...

hola Magali!
hermosas todas las piezas que colgaste en el blog,
espero verlas en directo algún día.
te mando un beso y te invito a visitar mi blog.

Christine said...

Well well welll littl lady! so how long before we see your masterpieces gracing the cover of ELLE magazine? they are stunning. I must let you know that I have so inspired I am finally taking that jewlery making class I have been wanting to take for the past 10 years. My friend Carolyn and I are currently learning how to bead. When the camera is fixed I will show you my baby steps at creativity!! You are amazing Maga and I am very proud of you!!! Bien Hecho!!!